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GlitterLola's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[19 Jul 2006|10:50am]
[ mood | tired ]

Sorry I havn't been updating. For some reason, it was weird when I'd log in. So I'm sorry people, I havn't updated.

My fiancee's birthday is friday, he is 19. I took him to get a little tattoo today. It was for me :) it's a little heart that has black outline, and the red is dark around the edges and fades out to the center. It is in the middle of his back, right at the bottem of his spin. Wes and I decided on the placement and shading, Phillip of course didn't say anything, it was all up to us. I love Wes, he is famous. His grandpa, and his great grandpa were tattoo artists. They have all three been in the news and shit. "Wes Grimm" anyways. He happens to be working the day of my birthday so I'm going to get my first tattoo with him.
I have all my tattoos planned out, I don't know which one I will get first, here is a list of all the tattoos I want...
My name tattooed across my right knuckles(Jinx)
A celtic knot on my left middle finger
Wings of a bird on my upper back
A skull with butterfly wings on my lower back
The doll from the Korn Issues album(My tribute to them)
Somewhat wilted daisy like flowers with the japanese sticks with the berries(I don't know how to explain it).. on my calf
The Jolly Roger with the letters "SAVVY?" under it, on the back of my neck
A heart like Phillip's under my belly botten with stars going up around my navel
My sons(Tristen) or daughters(Isabella)name above the heart and star.
A tattoo for my brother that I havn't designed yet.
And, for my sister, it will be like...two women curving and connecting and it will say sisters under it.
For my Lola, I'm getting a cartoon chihuahua standing in front of a mirror with the reflextion of a huge chihuahua looking back at her. It will have a little peice of board hanging off the mirror with her name on it.

Stupid shit, my dad has a container of weed on his desk. God what the hell? He is so illegal! He doesn't pay taxes, he smokes weed, he gets drunk every night! GOD what a fucking low life! I hate being here. I'm so glad I am adopted! If he was my real father than I would of killed him a long time ago. Fuck...How can I achive with shit like this??? I want to bring a baby into this world (NO I'm not pregnant now) and have a person like that around my son???(I really want a boy)I fucking hate it! I should take the shit out of there and sell it or something. Fucking stupid idiot. I hate it...

I wish I could fucking move out. I'm about to leave and stay with my brother in Addison. Of course, it's a hotel and he has to leave soon. I don't give a shit, as long as I'm away from this stupid shit.

I gotta go...the shit head has entered the room. Bye.

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Subject? [15 May 2006|09:48am]
[ mood | sore ]


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